2016 2nd Elimination Round

2016 Team Roster

Day 11

Semsem stars sweep Barqa, 4-0. They move on to the quarter finals to face Hamama , in what is expected to be the most exciting game in the tournament so far.

Hamama deafeats Barbara, 1-0, qualifying for the quarter finals.

Day 10

Al Nasera rises above Tiberias by penalty kicks after the match ends in a tie, 1-1,  qualifying to face Al Faloga team in the quarter finals.

Imad Fahajan leads Faloga to a huge victory against Safad, 4-0, and qualifying for the quarter finals.

Day 9

In a continuation of one-sided matches Beit Daras rolls over Askalan, 4-0, lead by team superstar  Eid Al ‘Ekawi for a trip to the quarter finals.

Al Joura dominates the field against Tal Al Rabee, 4-0, and qualifies for the quarter finals to play against Beit Daras .

Day 8

Zarnoqa soundly bests Sarafand, 4-1, to qualify for the quarter finals.

Mohammed Al Satari scores and leads Jerusalem team to the next round after overwhelming Haifa, 5-1,  in a very exciting match with the attendance of more than 500 spectators.