2017 Rachel Corrie Ramadan Tournament

Ramadan 2017

By Mustafa Jabber

The 10th Annual tournament opened on the open-air pitch “Palestine Field”, in the Tar Al Sultan neighborhood of West Rafah, Gaza. West Rafah is a region that  is known to be the most passionate about football. This play-field gave the tournament a special sparkle and fresh presentation and a point of pride and happiness for West Rafah.

1,000+ football fans gathered for the opening ceremony, marked by such speakers as the Mayor of Rafah, Ms. Najah Ayyash of the  Women’s Program Center.  In addition a poetry reading by young Hanan Breika  and a cultural dance performance by the theatrical troupe “Palestine Cultural Palace added a special element to the opening day.

Then the games opened, with  Team  Martyr Walid Abdel-Al carrying the day over Team  Al-Fursan in a exciting back-and-forth match that reached a 6-6 score finally decided  in a penalty shootout in overtime. Final score: 7 -6  The star of this meeting was Mohammed Abu Hashim.

On the same day, Al-Adwan team beat Ahmed Yunus in a contest that did not meet the all-out dynamism of the first game, but nonetheless gave the crowd a solid and competitive match.


Referee officials gather for a photo before the start of the tournament. The banner honors Rachel Corrie, and the figure with raised hands underscores the theme of the tournament: “Water and Salt” signifying solidarity with the prison hunger strikers.
Above all: sportsmanship and unity.
Ready for action!