The Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament was founded and organized in 2008 by friends of Rachel Corrie.

This grassroots event takes place in Rafah city, in Gaza during the month of Ramadan, with usually 320 athletes in 32 teams participating.

The event is free to the public, who are treated to excellent football between competitive clubs from all over Gaza, in a non-partisan community space where all are welcome. Children and young teens affected by ongoing siege and its associated trauma will find positive role models, and examples of adult males in their community taking charge of their immediate situation – working together, creating healthy outlets to dispel stress, and a positive way to build community relationships.

In 2014 the Rachel Corrie Gaza Sport Initiative introduced a new tournament for male and female athletes with disabilities.  This tournament takes place in December and is organized by the Al Basma Club for the Disabled.   Read more about these programs here:

“The Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament is a celebration of the spirit of the Palestinian community in Gaza. It is an opportunity for people to get together, for fleeting moments to look passed the scars of war, the ongoing struggle under siege, and the anxiety of the pain that is yet to come, and seek unity, togetherness and the love for sports. Gazans are resilient people. Their struggle is deep-rooted and recurring. But they always find a way to prevail, and somehow to survive.

The Ramadan tournament, which carries the name of Rachel Corrie, whose memory is cherished by all Palestinians, is one platform that helps Gazans articulate, yet once more, their insistence on their love for life, and hope for the future, despite every attempt at denying them life, and depriving them of hope. It is a project that I fully support and endorse. It is pure in its intentions, and noble in its message. Please support the tournament, this year and every year.”

– Dr. Ramzy Baroud, Palestinian-US author, editor and journalist.