Rachel Corrie Ramadan Tournament 2014

Friends, the 7th Annual Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament was a great success, and it happened because of you and your generous support.

The Ramadan tournament was delayed by war, but organizers pressed  forward to make it happen despite hardship and many obstacles.  As our long-time supporters know, friends of Rachel in Rafah, Gaza have held the tournament over the last seven years. The goal of this annual amateur event is to provide a safe place for people to have fun. It is an act of resistance to occupation and siege; a grass-roots event that builds community and honors Rachel. Read More here.

This year the tournament combined two great elements:

The Rachel Corrie Football / Table Tennis Tournament for Athletes with Disabilities

Organized by Al Basma Club for the Disabled in association with the Palestine Paralympic Committee
A three day event held from December 1 — 3, culminating in observance of the  International Day of Disabled Persons  Featuring 185 men and women participants, from 10 clubs.  Tournament coordinator Eid Shaqura wrote to us:

“Finally we did it !  It was the most successful tournament organized this year by Al Basma Club for the Disabled. Today we have finished this well-organized tournament.  Around 160 athletes took part in the tournament with many physically disabled athletes of all types taking part. Competitions were so great and around 15 club and associations participated. The closing ceremony were so good with a great turnout and the positive effect of the tournament could really be seen on all the faces of our participating athletes, their families and the audience! It will be an event talked about for a long time to come”  Read More


The Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament for Young Men.

Organized by Sarafand Al Amar Community Charity. Held on September 14 — 25
Featuring 352 men in 32 teams from all over Gaza. Coordinator Adnan Abu Al Sa’ud wrote “Despite the new timing of the tournament, it witnessed a remarkable success in terms of number of distinguished teams and players and also in terms of the gradual increase of the audience specially in the final games. We are very please with the success of this tournament, particularly as it was organized and conducted under extreme duress and uncertainty.”.

Read More!

The football tournament also served as a remembrance to those  lost in the preceding Israeli attack, and exemplifies the endurance of the Palestinian people in the face of the ongoing Israeli occupation and siege. The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice is extremely pleased to have  supported  these combined events under one tournament banner. Learn more about the tournament using the above links.

Your support is vital

The Rachel Corrie Foundation feels that projects of this nature are vital to the health of Gazan communities under extreme duress.  The cost to plan and manage this yearly tournament are ongoing, if you can please help us prepare for the upcoming 2015 tournament by visiting our Donation Page today.  (Make sure to specify “Gaza Projects” from the drop-down menu.)

Or: make your check out to “Rachel Corrie Foundation” with the notation “2014 Ramadan Football Tournament” and send to:

The Rachel Corrie Foundation
for Peace & Justice
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Thank you for your kind consideration and support.

John Harvey & Andrew Ford Lyons
Tournament Coordination, US/UK

Adnan Abu Al Sa’ud & Khaled Nasrallah
Tournament Organizers, Rafah, Gaza


 In Memorandum

Among the over 2,000 killed in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza was Tamer Adel Al Aydy, a member of the logistics crew of the Rachel Corrie Tournament.  In the spirit of the tournament, Tamer’s duties will be taken up by his brother, Tareq Adel Ibraim Al Aydy. Tamer was well liked amongst the organizers and known as a great sports enthusiast. His presence and energy will be very much missed.

Tamer giving his Khadamat Rafah Club football team enthusiastic support.
Tamer giving his Khadamat Rafah Club football team enthusiastic support.