2016 1st Elimination Round

The 2016 Teams

2016 Team Roster

Day 8

Zarnoqa soundly bests Sarafand, 4-1, to qualify for the quarter finals.

Mohammed Al Satari scores and leads Jerusalem team to the next round after overwhelming Haifa, 5-1,  in a very exciting match with the attendance of more than 500 spectators.

Day 7

In what is considered the best match played in the tournament so far, in front of a packed grandstand, Barbara got the victory over Jaffa by penalty kicks after a frenzied and strong match between these two great teams ended in a draw, 1-1.

As’ad Al ‘Enaby one of the best players in the tournament and the player of Barbara, was the superstar of the game, leading  led his team to the victory and qualifying to meet Hamama in the next round.


Hamama beats Karatia, 2-0,  and will face Barbara in the next round in what is expected to be a very tough match for both teams.

Day 6

Safad deafeats Hiteen, 3-1.

Mahmoud Kullab, of Safad team and a great talent, led his team to a huge victory to qualify for the next round to the next round. They will face Al Faloga in what is sure to be very exciting match .

Al Faloga beats Al Ramla easily, 3-0, and will face the winner of the match between Safad and Hiteen .
In a repeat of his performance last year Imad Fahajan was the incredible superstar of the match, scoring 2 goals to lead his team to next round.

Day 5

Al Nasera defeats Asdood, 3-0 and will face Tiberias next round.

Penalty kicks lift Tiberias over Deir Yassien. Final scoer: 1-1 .  Tiberias moves forward to  face Al Nasera in the next round.

Superstar of the Day: Mohmmed Jaber.

Mohammed Jaber
Mohamed Jaber

Day 4

Beit Daras wins easily against Yazoor,  3-0 and will face Askalan next.

Askalan, the guest team from Khan Younis, dominates Akka  4-1,  and will face Beit Daras next round, which is expected to be a very exciting match-up.

Day 3

Tal Al Rabee’ plays a strong game to eliminate Wadi Honeen  2-0,  and will meet Al Joura in the next round.

Day 2

Sarafand defeats Beersheba  1-0,  and will go on to play against Zarnoqa.

Zarnoqa defeats Beisan 3 – 0 and will meet Sarafand in the next round

In a hotly contested and match Haifa defeats Hatta  2-1.  Haifa will go on to  play against Jerusalem in the next round.

Opening Day

Jerusalem vs. Yebna

Team Jerusalem overwhelms the defense of longtime tournament veterans, Team Yebna  to win 5-1.
Superstar of the day was Rasheed Al Nems.
Jerusalem advances to the next round and will play against Haifa.

Rasheed Al Nems