What the Tournament Means for Gaza

In an article on Palestine Chronicle website, Yousef M. Aljamal describes what the tournament means for Palestinian and specially those living in Gaza. Yousef who is from Gaza and works with the Center for Political Development Studies [CPDS] , a Gaza based non-profit organization, writes:

“For the ninth year in a row, Palestinians in the city of Rafah will organize a football tournament in the memory of Rachel Corrie, a 23-year old American peace activist who was killed in the city while she was trying to protect Palestinian houses from Israeli demolition. The tournament, which will take place on June 15, 2016, will consist of 32 teams from across the Gaza Strip.

“This is a very important event which draws hundreds of people every year. People come here to play football and to remember Rachel Corrie who was killed while trying to protect our houses from demolition,” said Kareem Nasrallah from Rafah, the coordinator of the tournament.

“We have received support from various figures, including Abdelsalam Hania of the Sports and Youth Palestinian Council. He attended the final celebration of the winning team last year and gave the team an award,” added Kareem, who seemed very excited about the event.

The event is sponsored by the Rachel Corrie Foundation in the United States. Football is popular in the Gaza Strip especially among young people who consider it a means to escape their hard reality after 10 years of siege. (read the article here)