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Excerpts from speeches by Israelis on the Patriots talk show on Israeli television:

⏺ We will not leave Gaza. You (Gazas) will die, starve, and your houses will be burned to ashes. Until the last of our captives are returned, your children will live in filthy tents.

⏺ Yes, we will announce it openly, we will seize your lands. We will invade your lands and build our settlements there. Only then will they realize that we have won. They don’t care about their homes or dying, they only care about their land.

⏺ I do not feel sorry for the people of Gaza. I don’t think there should be any people in Israel who feel sorry for the elderly, the young, or the young children of the people of Gaza. In my opinion, we should let the people of Gaza starve to death. I spat on the bar. Why should I be concerned about the fate of the people of Gaza?

Unfortunately, the Palestinians who gave their land to the Jews who were massacred by the German Nazis during the Second World War, unfortunately realized too late that they actually opened the door to the real Nazis…