Women Athletes Take The Field


– Dr. Eid Shaqura
Al Basma Club for the Disabled

1503295_683573385073766_2891522995388323325_nFrom its inception, a main goal of the Rachel Corrie Sports Tournament for Athletes with Disabilities was to guarantee the inclusion of women with disabilities. In 2014 deaf female athletes participated in the Table Tennis event, and in 2015 a Women’s Wheelchair Marathon was added. It was  remarkable day as this was the first time for many of the women to take part in such event.

The 2015 tournament was a turning point in the history of sport movement for female athletes with disabilities in Gaza, being the widest participation of women with disabilities ever seen in the Gaza Strip. And it should be noted that it was the first time a marathon for women with disabilities was ever organized in the streets of Khan Younis – the most conservative city in the Gaza Strip!

It is also worth noting that new clubs have been attracted to the tournament, 10603332_876695625761540_8866922903905259161_nand for some it was the first time for them to share in such event. We especially welcomed the participation of the Palestinian Knight Club for Women with Disabilities. Read more.