Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament for Young Men

The Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament was founded and organized in 2008 by friends of Rachel Corrie, who became her family in Gaza. This grassroots event takes place in Rafah city, during the month of Ramadan, and features 320 athletes in 32 teams from clubs from all over Gaza participating

11692556_998076883585936_2871788354442656290_nIt is a non-politicized community space where all are welcome; and children, teens, and young adults affected by ongoing siege and its associated trauma will find positive role models, and examples of adult males in their community taking charge of their immediate situation – working together, creating healthy outlets to dispel stress, and a positive way to build community relationships.

11705255_1075988695762560_1558852635629413973_nIt is a festive Ramadan event that provides a safe place for people to come together for fun at a time when there often little to celebrate. Importantly it is an act of resistance to occupation and siege – a grassroots activity that builds community and honors Rachel Corrie. Read more.